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Affiliate Earning Models

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Here we present a simple example breakups to show the minimum earning example per month on your total sale. Now you can calculate how much you can earn in your life. FOR FREE.

Your sale
1000 USD / month


Payout guaranteed

150 USD

Your sale
2,000 USD / month


Payout guaranteed

400 USD

Your sale
5,000 / month


Payout guaranteed

2000 USD

Your sale
more than 10,001 USD


Payout guaranteed

5,000 USD

Example of the partner commission calculation

You attracted 500 clients

Their total purchase volume is $500 and average purchase 10 (Only from 500) 500 * 10 = 5,000 USD

(5,000 * 40) / 100 = 2,000 USD

  • Total Sale Value
  • 40% Commission
  • Your Net Profit

our commission slabs

All the commission structures are for each month total sale.

$99 - $500


$501 - $1000


$1001 - $2000


$2001 - $3000


$3001 - $4000


$4001 - $5000


$5001 - $10000


$10001 - $15000


$15001 - $50000


$50001 - Unlimited



How I know I make a sale?

You don't share your client info with us before sale done and handle the whole purchase process under yourself. After successfull payment done by your client you send us the PayPal Transaction ID. We then confirm it and send the product link to your client's PayPal email address.

How I get my commission? Is it instant??

If you want your commission instantly then we have no problem to pay you within 24 hours of a sale. But we recommend to request payment at the end of the month as then you may get higher commission as you may sale lot more in that month than one single sale and your commission slab will be high. We send your payment to your PayPal email id.

What exactly we sale?

We will sale those complete source code of our software products, we don’t sale a software but we sale software with complete source code.

In which language?

We have all in Java lastest version.

What is the quality of those products?

We had a development team with at least 50 developers came from different countries around the World. We work hard to develop that software to start a new era in software development business.

How we can help you?

We have over 200 ready made software products under at least 120 different niches.

How old is our codes?

we are continuing our development process and they are not at all old as we are working now on Java 7 and also Netbeans 8.0.2 for Java, for Dot net, we are using Visual Studio 2015 and for PHP we are working on 5.4 +.

We are selling same source code to many others. Then how you can make your own market?

how you can make market with WordPress or Magento like open source? And also we use WHMCS etc ready made software for hosting purpose etc Because, you have the full source code, you can easily modify them, change them and make them a completely new as it is you own software.

Then you need to hire developers and designers to do those changes, then what help you get from us?

as you know, you need to change the GUI and not internal modules codes. You know to develop a complete hospital management system how much modules and codes you need to develop. You can save all those times. And no end user who use you products they only use you output and cannot see the back end codes you know.

What kind of applications are they? Desktop? Web or what?

We have all of them. We have many of them are desktop application which will run in a single machine, or a LAN or an intranet as well as on internet. We have web applications, web portals as well. Also ready made Websites, Android apps and IOS. Which we can give you completely with source code.

Can you develop different applications from them?

Yes of course. As our software products have more than 20 different modules inside a single application and all those modules are divided with module groups, it is easy for you to take any of those modules and develop any other different software. So if you have 10 software from us, you make build over 100 from them.

Are they all tested?

We first test them in different environments before selling them. We did white box, black box as well as software testing with our professional and experienced testers. When we hand over our products to you we will show you each and every codes running successfully. If any error persist we have a 15 days guarantee to solve those problems also.

Now come to the main point. What is the cost and what you need to invest to get those products from us?

Yes, we are not going to tell you that we are giving you some software for free as you know it is a business. We are there to help you. We are here to give you something in cheapest possible price show that what topic I discuss here can be fruitful in reality. So I am going to open the certain now. We are providing those complete source codes starting from only $99. Can you believe it? As I bed you, you cannot get the same products in that little price. Now more interesting thing. You can access our member reseller package for only $1999 where you can get 15 software ranging from $99-$299. Means per software in average of $133.33.

Then if others cannot sell the same products as our quality in same price then how we can sell??

Reasons are two. As we know how to cut down all the development cost. So we develop them by using our own strategy and brain but produce world class products. But we do not need to lot of investments. So we have small investment than others, and that why we can give it in fewer prices. And reason two is, we believe in good relationship. If I can reach to many to many clients we become popular and that’s will automatically bring us money. We don’t believe to earn from a single client by fooling them and giving them a useless and simple product by asking a big price. Sometime people think that much price products must be good in quality. But it is not true for everyone. As some cheater companies or individuals sales false products with a high price and people become fool by that. We are not going to cheat anyone, as we know Word of Mouth is the best advertisement. So if we do good thing and honesty with our clients we must grow and earn. We believe in “First do your service properly then earn” strategy. Simple.

Other development companies do not sale their own codes to other as for security, then why we are selling?

We are going to start a new kind of business as we cannot sale software to end users, we only do B2B business and sale source codes to your kind of software development companies to help them out to grow farther, and we need that people know our business not as a software provider (as there are lots and lots of this software development companies) but as a source code provider.

Now want to see what software we have? Here is a small list.